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Ultimate Performance Package

$2000.00 inc GST ($1462.17 )

Our Own Ultimate performance Package.

This package Comprises of all the Components to make your Triumph Bonneville, Thruxton or Scrambler go how it should and Handle like you wouldnt Beleive.

This is Garys personal recomendation of the Best performance mods, that should be a must for all Triumph Twins.

Get rid of Triumphs average Suspension and Add Ikons top of the Line 7614 Series Shocks in a choice of black or red springs,

Add to that Ikons Progressive front springs and you have one hell of a combination. 

AS for the Engine,

Triumphs Stock Restrictive Exhaust and Airbox Limit your engines potential and makes performance sluggish at best.

Added to this package is a choice of Predator or Sleeper Mufflers as well as an Airbox removal kit.

These 2 simple mods will increase your HP by around 10+ horse power. This will give you a noticable difference when you open the throttle and the bike actually responds like it should.


See below for more details and options 


Ikon 7614 Shocks 

Ikon 7614 Series Shock in  a choice of Black or red springs 

  • 4 position externally adjustable rebound with just a finger touch
  • Screw thread spring seat adjustment.
  • Progressive Spring
  • Light-weight Aluminium body
  • Gas pressurised


 Ikon Springs

Ikon Progressive Fork Springs 

The front suspension of any motorcycle has to not only support the bike but take the initial force of unevenesses on all road and track surfaces. If the springs in the forks have sagged or are too soft or too hard for any reason the ride will be less pleasureable and tend to give other parts of the front and rear suspension a harder time.

Ikon fork springs allow full suspension travel, alleviate sag and nose dive while contributing to improved stability, ride control and comfort.

Most Ikon fork springs are progressive rate designs giving comfort over smaller bumps and extra control for larger suspension movements.

Ikon fork springs are available for a large variety of motorcycles including scooters, modern and vintage road and trail bikes.



Airbox Removal Kit 

Simply scrapping your stock air box doesn’t work – it also serves as the mounting point for some pretty important equipment like your relays, fuses, solenoid and rear master cylinder. British Customs reengineered an entirely new air intake system, complete with a new battery box de-sign that provides all those essential mounting points.


A Choice of Muffler


  • Reverse-cone silencers for a classic look and deep sound
  • Louvered baffle core for sound and airflow performance
  • Stainless-steel construction for durability
  • Flawless fit and seamless finish
  • Fits both EFI and Carbureted Bonneville
  • Available in high-polish or black ceramic finish
  • Made in USA





  • Includes side stand and center stand brackets
  • Stainless steel components
  • No pitting, flaking or rusting
  • Mechanical Louver baffle




Want the Opertunity to pay this Off ?

Pay $995.00 upfront and we will give you 90 days interest free to pay the balance .

Send us an email and we will tell you more.

Product will not be dispatched untill paid in full.