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TT Slash Cut Pipes (Brushed Finish) for the Street Cup & Street Twin

$454.55 inc GST ($332.31 )

The Weslake TT slash cuts replace the stock muffler with a racing 'TT' style which pay's homage to the 60's TT Meriden Triumph's with open headers sold exclusively to the USA market during the 1960's.

The TT style Slash cut tip's greatly improve the appearance of the bike & deliver a unique staccato sound under hard throttle. These TT slash cuts install quickly and easily behind the catalytic converter, which helps to open up the deep, resonant note of the engine.

They’re made from 304 stainless steel for durability, quality, and weather resistance, and will develop a rich patina that will complement the colors of the header. They’ll also help you gain some significant weight savings over the stock mufflers.

A great alternative to paying for a full exhaust system, the TT slash cuts will give your bike a mean, low-slung look like nothing else.


  • Vintage TT racing looks.
  • Life time warranty (Original purchaser)
  • Rich, throaty sound
  • Made from quality 304 stainless steel
  • Significantly lighter over stock mufflers
  • Installs quickly and easily. Fully reversible.