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Triumph Trophy

Triumph Trophy 1200

The enduring Trophy is everything a serious touring rider could want in a motorcycle: a muscular, relaxed engine, incredible levels of long distance comfort, comprehensive weather protection and a capacious fully-integrated luggage system.

The robust 1180cc four-cylinder delivers a towering 104Nm (77ft.lbf) of torque at a mere 5000rpm reducing gear changing to a minimum and making rolling on the throttle the simplest way of ensuring rapid, relaxed progress. If ever an engine was renowned for effortless waves of power it's the well-proven Trophy 1200 motor, The highly protective, yet aerodynamically efficient fairing keeps tiring windblast to an absolute minimum taking the strain out of even the longest journey. Combined with a generous dual seat and thoughtful ergonomics, the Trophy is hard to beat for day-long comfort.

Detailing is as comprehensive as Triumph customers have a right to expect: with a top-quality custom-designed luggage system colour-matched to the enduring Sunset Red colour scheme or the two new options of Azure Blue and Emerald Green, the Trophy makes as striking and capable a super-tourer as ever.