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Replacement Frame Cable Clips for America and Speedmaster

$18.14 ex GST ($13.26 )

New from Triumph Performance Parts.

Cable Clip Set for the Triumph America and Speedmaster.

Now available in Anodized Red, Blue, Or Blue Rubber Clip and Black Small Clips

A Set of 3 Cable Clamps made from Billet Macined aluminium and fastened by a Rubber grommet.

Replace those old Plastic Cable clips with a bit of style machined to exact specifications then finished in a nice Anodized Blue is very non intrusive against the black frame. Easy to install and secured by rubber grometts.

No more worries with braking clips when you need to replace a hose, Simply Unscrew.

Each Set consists of 2  Blue Anodized Alunimium Clips for the Stand Sensor Cable

and 1 Blue Anodized Aluminium Rubber Backed Clip for the Clutch Cable.

All with Rubber Grommet Mounts.

Note: Requires drilling Clip location holes to 7.5mm

Frame Clips