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Pingel Power Flow Petcock

$200.00 inc GST ($146.22 )

Maximum engine performance depends on the fuel flow out of your fuel valve. Research has proven that, at a flow rate of only 28 ounces per minute, stock petcocks can starve even stock engines. If you modify your engine in any way, more fuel flow is required and must be supplied or you will suffer major tuning problems. Just increasing the size of you jet will not make more fuel available to you carburetor at higher RPMs. What is the solution? That's easy...Pingel® Fuel Delivery Systems. The Power-Flosingle outlet model has a flow rate greater than any other stock or aftermarket fuel valve.

Pingel petcocks not only perform better, they look better.
Petcocks offered by Triumph Performance Parts are chrome plated to offer the very Best of both worlds and are available in several styles.
All petcocks come complete with mounting plates


Chrome Hex Power Flo Petcock



Chrome Round Power Flo Petcock