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LED 'Hammer' Cast Metal Black Motorcycle Indicators

$63.59 inc GST ($46.49 )

Hammer Style Cast metal, Black LED Indicators (PAIR)

    * Cast metal body with high quality matte black finish
    * Pre-wired with connectors for easy installation
    * Low current draw, great for use with small batteries found in bikes
    * Superbright amber LED's improve the look of your bike
    * E-Mark approved indicators - Meets Australian Design Regulations (ADR) for indicator lights
    * Some Harleys require a longer indicator thread than normal aftermarket indicators have. These indicators have an extra long   thread for such models
    * Meets Australian Design Regulations for motorbike stop/tail light

Total length is 55mm long excluding the thread, total length including the thread is 85mm. The lens is 25mm dia. The diameter of the mounting bolt thread is 8mm. This means it will fit almost all models

Green wire = Earth
Blue wire = Power

Flash Rate
Because LED's draw so little current, they might flash at a faster rate. If this bothers you we have a flasher can that will control the flash rate at the correct speed. If you wish to install one, just use our LED Flash Can