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Keihin CR Special Racing Carbs

$1359.09 inc GST ($993.61 )

Keihin CR Special Racing Carbs

This 35mm smooth bore carb kit was put together specifically for the Bonneville. It comes with everything necessary to bolt right on to either the stock airbox or for use with K&N cone filters or UNI Pod filters.


For proper tuning, Please note exhaust type, airbox mods (if any) and elevation in comments during checkout

Also fits the America and Speedmaster



Customer Reveiws

had to rub a little bit of sandpaper around the edge of the rubber on the insides so that it would go over the raised threaded part.

then the groove and the rise line up.


Disappointed that the T-section and hose werent included, although are shown clearly in the kit photo on-line, and no fitting instructions included.


They are on the bike, I have taken it for a test run, had to reset air mixtures, hits redline easier than before in every gear, including top, not impressed with the tension on the throttle, very stiff now, but will learn to live with it.


Otherwise, Its definately improved the performance, no hesitations, just pure power.