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Nudie VIC 

2007 Triumph Thruxton


I brought the thruxton 6 months ago from Hobart, bog stock, except for Triumph Performance mufflers and great clip ons.

First roundabout leaving Hobart and Tracey (my partner) and I knew that the standard front tyre had to go. Second roundabout

and the front end did something strange! not impressed.

Modifications begin

First weekend at home and we scooted up to Triumph Performance to see if Gary Hunter and myself could fix this front end.

15 weight oil and lots of, tidy up and dampers down for more than 100% improvement. Two days later fitted a battleaxe duel compound

BT 45 front and WOW, this thing has handling potential. So much better and "safer" than standard fare.

More Modifications

I'm not a fan of chrome and excess weight so ordered a D+D 2 into 1 thruxton race series developed exhaust system, big improvement

to performance. Oh, and exhaust note is quite distinctive.

Next came Nology coil and leads, iridium plugs and programable CDI from Triumph Performance, now this thing is starting to boogie.

Let me breathe

Being subject to the scourge of cigarettes I know first hand what is like not to breathe. Triumph Performance recommended NARK

(new thruxton air box removal kit).

NARK was quickly ordered and fitted. 160 size jets came with the kit and what a difference it made. IT wasn't at all hard to fit ourselves and I

don't think we followed the instructions provided. Power now comes on at 5500 rpm and fades at 6800 rpm. Changing gears in this "fat" zone

makes the thruxton quite a 'rush' to ride. I won't mention speeds.

Thanks to TP cams and 39mm flatslides to extend and increase the 'fat zone', what a HOOT!

Ikon 6418 rear shocks, thanks to TP and I truly believe Pierre (Tracey's name for him) is becoming some what of a weapon, proven by setting

the pace through Lavers Hill (vic) with 18 good riders and bikes behind me.

The Experience

The experience of modifying my thruxton to my needs has given me a second lease on motorcycling life.

p.s I am 52yo. Have ridden sports bikes since 18 yo ...VF 1000's and R. Highly modified, kick arse T595 Daytona since 1997.

T595 now sits in the shed and rests. Pierre is nothing but fun and so much safer than standard.




Vic, Australia




I own 2009 speedmaster

First found the performance triumphs parts on the Internet. I compared there prices with a lot of other sites and overall the up's and down's evened out.
I then rang Gary at the shop quite a few times about different idea's and parts. Anything I asked or queried was answered, explained and reasoned. Never rushed.
I have over a period of 6 months or so, brought of TPP
The freak air filter.
Nology leads and plugs.
And a bit of bling.
I am very happy with the freak air box, I do have after market pipes by MEP in Slacks Creek Qld. And I believe with the nology bits the motor is freeer and a bit more responsive.

Did not turn the bike into a rocket but a nicer ride all round.

I cannot speak highly enough of the service I always received from TPP, any issues were always promptly attended and resolved fairly.
Good old Aussie service.



I recently bought a Rocket 3 Roadster. I found Triumph Preformance Parts on the Internet and
quickly had a reponse for Gary answering all my queries and concerns about parts and as we say
bling for my bike.
I can highly recomend Triumph Preformance Parts, Gary and crew at the highest level.
There knowledge and service where outstanding.
Everything that was told to me and promised was in fact carried out to the finest detail.
Gary, thanks very much mate, you definatley have my business.
Cameron Cook



First of all I would like to say that Gary has been of so much help to me with advice about the products that he sells on the

TPP website, which I found by accident really about a year ago after trying various websites usually in the States

and not always convenient or willing to send to us down here in OZ. 


TPP had everything I was looking for, I should say that I am working on my pride and joy which is a Triumph Thruxton 2004

with carburetors (never did like efi) sorry I'm old school grew up in the sixties in London, my old man and his two brothers

all had bikes from the fifties, one uncle raced bikes and sidecars in England and at the Isle of Man TT during the sixties, built a 

500 Manx Norton in a bedroom when I was a kid. 


Sorry got side tracked, my Thruxton which I bought a year ago, a pristine Metalic Red and silver 2004 low K's has been evolving ever since with

Gary's help guiding me through what can be supplied, and even finding items not on the website, It's been interesting watching 

the TPP website grow into what it is and seeing items I have enquired about and bought appear permanently on the site.


Gary's always answered my questions and enquires by emails promptly and he can't be more helpful, I'm really impressed and cannot 

recommend TPP highly enough.


So far I have done the Fender elimination kit with smaller indicators, makes such a difference to the looks. 

The Airbox NARK and AI kit and Norman Hyde oil hoses with Earls fittings.

Next most important the suspension. So fitted Ikon progressive fork springs all new bushes and seals with new 10 weight oil, fitted gaiters and

had the alloy fork sliders stripped and polished. Next fitted rear Ikon 7614 shocks and joker shock bolts, so much better.

Monza gas cap, beautiful!! must have for a classic bike, Nology silver plugs and leads.

New Supersprox stealth black and gold rear sprocket hi-tensile steel teeth riveted to a gold aluminium body with new Triumph OEM front sprocket 

and a Joker 900 series billet machined sprocket cover and finely a DID ZVM2 gold chain.

Black billet Triumph front reservoir and small Rizoma red rear reservoir, fit's nice on Nark and will be even better with Norman Hyde rearsets

which moves the master cylinder inside the side panel and away form exhaust pipe.     


I'm awaiting my most recent buy, the Norman Hyde rearsets which look beautiful, next on the list some Keihin FCR flat slide carbs, Gary recommended

these as I was going to go the CR's. Most people go for the FCR's they are the ultimate and more adjustable and allow for further engine upgrades

only drawback is no choke.

can't have everything!!! 


Then the D&D full system pipes, so it at last sounds like a Triumph.

The list goes on I just love it!!!


If you have a Triumph it is your duty to support Australian businesses like TPP and the best motorcycle in the world.


Sorry to rattle on, "I just love It"


Regards to all


From Sydney



Triumph America & Thunderbird 1600


I found Triumph Performance Parts on the net a couple of years back and very quickly established a repour with Gary as He seemed a down to earth Aussie that could speak our language and knew the frustrations of not being able to easily source quality parts through the local dealerships.This I find hard to find elsewhere in the Australian Motorcycle Industry. I have found Gary's commitment to Customer Service to be execellent. I have bought numerous bits of Bling and other Accessories off Gary for both my American and now my Thunderbird and for other bike owners here in Mackay. As usual 99.9% of the time everything goes great but on one occasion "It all went to  S - - T " and this is where Gary came through. I recently modified the forward controls on the America and bought Kuryakyn Dually Foot Pegs and Stirrups from TPP, Gary quickly got them on the way and then they " Vaporised " Gary asked me to bear with him and immediately said "Dont worry you wont loose out" as He attempted to track them down but to no avail. Once He found that there wasn't much hope of quickly finding them He had another complete set in the Express Post to me. A couple of months later I was purchasing a Dart Screen for a mates Bonneville and when the courier turned up,He  handed over 2 packages. Yep ! The first set of Pegs and Stirrups had mysteriously Materialised. they were promptly "Returned to Sender".


This week I needed a set of Rivco TB017 Bar Risers for the Thunderbird. I rang Gary on Tuesday morning and impressed on him that I required them in a hurry and they were on My doorstep in NQ by lunchtime Thursday. Gary had once again gone above and beyond what he commits to on his web site and Air Expressed them to me. Thats why I keep going back to him.


Gary knows the Triumph product very well and in my experience only deals with quality products and I have no hesitation in recommending TPP and Gary Hunter to my mates and associates.



Gerry D



Queensland 4740.