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38 ltr Rigid Synthetic Leather Saddlebags (Pair) with mounts for the Thunderbird 1600 & Storm

$700.00 inc GST ($511.76 )

Slanted 38 Ltr/pair Iparex synthetic leather saddlebags

  • Rigid HDPE back side
  • Reinforced for extra stifness
  • Include the unique Longride Clikfix system

Iparex is a specially, exclusive for the Longride saddlebags and toolbags, developed synthetic 3 layers leather-look material. 
#1 Textile inner layer for strength,
#2 Foamed pvc middle layer to give the material body 
#3 Finishing top layer, to protect the synthetic leather against all weather conditions and a ultimate leather look.
This makes this synthetic leather bags almost maintenance free. Because Iparex is 100% water resistance, you do not have to wax the bags. 

“Bolt on” Iparex rigid saddlebags with genuine leather finishing. Provided with reinforced HDPE liners and backside. 

The exclusive for Longride developed Iparex synthetic leather is 2.5mm thick. 
Total Maintenance free and 100% water resistant. 
Closing straps and adjustable handle on top are genuine leather.