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$509.09 inc GST ($372.19 )

See and be seen!

Finally, something different from the standard lights available for your Storm, Commander or Rocket III.  This dual light kit gives you the visibility you need on the road, both for you and the traffic around you!  Included is 1 pair of 5.75" 50w LED headlights to fit directly into your Thunderbird Storm, Thunderbird Commander, Rocket III or Rocket III Roadster. 

LED Lamps are brighter and whiter in colour and provide a superior light pattern over standard incandescent lamps. Compared to the yellow light of a traditional halogen bulb, the LED lamp produces a daylight colour impression that appears more natural to the rider.

  • Dual 5-3/4" Headlamp with black or chrome backplate
  • Each headlight features a single parker light, two "D" shaped optical lenses, single low-beam lens, and tripple high-beam lenses
  • Low-beam pattern remains on at all times, and the switched high beam adds serious additional punch down the middle of the road
  • LED lamps are DOT, CE, RoHS & Emark approved