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Triumph Bobber & Speedmaster 1200 rear Up Grade 4pot Caliper kit - KIT

$1063.64 inc GST ($777.61 )

Rear floating disc & 4 pot caliper kit. Available in Gold or Titanium (extra $50)

The kit contains:

  • 4 piston “Brembo” caliper
  • Black anodized billet aluminum bracket
  • Fully floating brake rotors (diameter 300 mm), with high-quality braking band fully tempered, alloy hub and buttons.

It uses the Original master cylinder and brake line.

Fades resistance, Increases braking power and modulation.

Available for:

  • Triumph Bobber
  • Triumph Bobber Black
  • Triumph Speedmaster 1200

Quick and easy to mount, completely reversible.