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TPP Power Pack, EFI and Carbed Versions

$1509.09 inc GST ($1103.27 )

TPP Power Pack Special for EFI and Carb

We are proud to announce our Internet Power Pack Special. For this special occasion we at TPP like to offer our Power Pack, available for The Bonneville and Thruxton. The kit consists of:

* Air Box Elimination Kit. (black Powder Coated Aluminum,Stainless Steel Hardware, Crankcase Breather, Competition Style Air Cleaners,Aluminum Carbs Support Bracket,2 pilots, 2 Main Jets,

* Air Injection Elimination Kit. (Stainless Steel Bolts, Copper Crush Washers. Installation Instructions.

* Aussie Made Reverse Cone Mufflers

Installing this kit will give an approx power increase of 15 - 20 bhp


Air Box Removal Kit



*  Air Injection Elimination Kit.

The air injection system is designed to mix air with the exhaust to burn unspent fuel as mandated by the EPA. This causes superheated exhaust turning the head pipes blue. Removing the AI system will decrease / eliminate the “blueing” effect.