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PVL Profire Coils For Triumphs Motorcycles Dual Outlet.

$162.73 inc GST ($118.97 )
ProFire™ for Motorcycles::


Single Outlet  60T  

Dual Outlet 70T  

Please Verify Your Coil type twin or single post.

ProFire coils for motorcycles are the smallest coils available.
Despite their size, the energy output and available voltage are extremely high. ProFire coils are available with single or dual high tension towers.

45,000 Volts
3 Ohm or 0.6 Ohm.
For application recommendations regarding your motorcycle, please call.

For availability of mounting brackets, or for custom applications, please call.




Customer Reveiws

I have finally got the Sprint on the road and I must say I am pretty pleased with the result. It now has more torque in the 3000 to 5000 rev range and I think my fuel economy has improved too! I would hazard a guess and say the performance increase would be at least 10%, so I think they do the job pretty well.

Regards Stewart Giles