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Penrite Instant Shine Detailer

$16.32 inc GST ($11.93 )

Instant Shine Detailer is a detailing spray for quick, interim paintwork care. Ideal for quickly cleaning dust covered paintwork and for freshening up previous wax treatments. It enhances the colour depth and leaves the paintwork surface smooth and sleek.


Instant Shine Detailer can be used on passenger cars, 4WD’s, light and heavy duty commercial vehicles, veteran and vintage vehicles, boats, jet skis, motor bikes and wherever paint or bright work needs cleaning and shining.

  • Wash the vehicle, if necessary and wipe off excess water. Dust covered paintwork can be treated directly
  • Shake bottle and adjust sprayer to spray position
  • Spray the product onto part sections and distribute evenly with a microfibre cloth
  • Use a dry part of the cloth to immediately wipe to a streak free finish
  • Should the colours appear irregular, repeat the treatment
  • Do not apply onto hot surfaces and do not allow product to dry on paintwork
  • Should product dry accidentally, simply spray on more of the product and wipe off immediately