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Joker Machine 2 1/4" Round Bar End Mirror Includes Mount

$144.55 inc GST ($105.68 )

2-1/4 inch Round Bar End Mirror

 PLease note when ordering - you are ordering 1, if you require a pair please order 2

NOTE: Each mirror requires one of our bar end mirror mounts - see RELATED PRODUCTS


Now available from Joker - these all-billet aluminum mirror assemblies offer a wide array of styling selections and finishes to give your bike the look you need!


  • Our 2-1/4" Round Bar End mirrors comes with a CONVEX mirror glass which provides you with EXCEPTIONAL rear visibility.
  • Mirrors are completely CNC machined from billet aluminum (not cast),light-weight,strong,and fully adjustable in every direction to fit just about everyone.
  • Super solid units reduce vibration and make for a clearer image in the mirror.
  • With little modification, these units can be mounted through the ends of most existing grips, by drilling or boring the grip end.
  • Sold individually and are available in your choice of chrome plated or Joker's super durable "HARD BLACK" or clear anodized finish.



09-312-AB Stem A, Black 2-1/4 Bar End Mirror (each)
09-312-AC Stem A, Crome 2-1/4 Bar End Mirror (each)
09-312-AS Stem A, Clear 2-1/4 Bar End Mirror (each)
09-312-CB Stem C, Black 2-1/4 Bar End Mirror (each)
09-312-CC Stem C, Chrome 2-1/4 Bar End Mirror (each)
09-312-CS Stem C, Clear 2-1/4 Bar End Mirror (each)
09-312-DB Stem D, Black 2-1/4 Bar End Mirror (each)
09-312-DC Stem D, Chrome 2-1/4 Bar End Mirror (each)
09-312-DS Stem D, Clear 2-1/4 Bar End Mirror (each)

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