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High Performance Pack for the Thruxton 1200/R

$2227.27 inc GST ($1628.33 )

Want to improve your Thruxton 1200/R's performance??? Well TPP has come up with a deal that will turn your your bike from mild to wild! In this pack you get:

  • A Free Spirits X Pipe
  • Free Spirits High Flow Air Cleaner Kit
  • Your choice of either Dominator Sports Pipes or the Dominator Shortys in brushed Stainless Steel or Ceramic Black (extra $100 for Black)

The X Pipe will get rid of the restrictive cat convertor and open up the 1200cc engine - combine that with the Dominator pipes, not only will it breathe better, it will make your bike sound better. The High Flow Air Cleaner Kit is basically the equivilent of an Airbox Removal Kit for the air cooled Thruxtons - 2 x water proof pods sit either side and feed diectly into the engine - NO MORE RESTRICTIVE AIRBOX!!