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$44.55 inc GST ($32.57 )

Full LED Circuit Board - Bates style mini tail light -  works as both running and stop light.

100% Type 304 Stainless Steel - Looks like chrome but will never rust. 

Complete Stainless Steel housing - mirror polished - Pressed stainless steel outer ring - Nuts and fixings are all corrosion-resistant type 304 stainless steel - outer housing is held to hinged bracket using removable nuts and bolts not rivets as found on other similiar lights.  This means its just a matter of tightening a nut to make them hold - once the rivets shake loose on the rivetted versions available elsewhere you will find there is no way to tighten them except to re-rivet.
Red Lense - LEDs light up Red when in use (function as both running light and stop light)
E numbers moulded into lense for homologation - lense is 5cm diametre (2 inch)
Suitable for external use on any truck/car/motorcycle