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Air Injection Eliminator Kit Triumph twins

$51.77 inc GST ($37.85 )



Who said functional bolts have to be ugly?



The best AI removal kit available just got better.  Now you have the choice between stainless steel and aluminum bolts to suit your taste.                                                 

The air injection system is designed to mix air with the exhaust to burn unspent fuel as mandated by the EPA.  This causes superheated exhaust turning the head pipes blue.  Removing the AI system will decrease / eliminate the “blueing” effect.

Complete air injection removal kit includes stainless steel OR aluminum bolts with the Union Jack milled into the top (made in house to exacting standards), two copper washers, vacuum port cap and airbox plug.  Comes complete with easy to follow instructions. For carbureted and EFI Bikes.

 For EFI models you may consider the AI Solenoid eliminator for $34.95 

AI Eliminator

This will save the need to switch off the Solenoid in the CPU to eliminate ECU managment warning